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Our passion is transformation stories. Transformation stories at the individual and collective level. As we grow in size, there is a danger that we become known for our achievements, how many centers we run or what amazing partners are on board. These stories have great value, but our most valuable ones are the countless stories of transformation taking place in thousands of lives all around us.

For us, the different sized dots and colours in our logo represent the diverse scale of transformation taking place in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

The dots are there to remind us that the greatest value we hold as an organisation is the vulnerable people whose lives will be transformed through our partnership and generosity.

This is what we most want to speak about when we speak about Transform Cambodia.

The dots do carry other meaning for us – such as diversity. At Transform we do so many diverse things. We do more than just education and we think that in telling our story, we need to begin to highlight this through media and storytelling.