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1. What is the new Letter Writing Process?
We are changing the way we deliver letters from a Child to their Sponsor. We are moving from paper to digital, which means that letters we receive from Phnom Penh will now be sent to you via email.

2. Why the change?
We believe that going digital will have so many benefits. Most importantly, our highest priority is to encourage the connection between a Sponsor, the Child and their family and we understand that email delivery is a preferred method by some of our Sponsors. Lastly, this change will allow us to move letters from Cambodia more quickly and ensure that our Sponsors are receiving letters from their Child regularly and in a timely manner.

3. Can I still receive my Sponsor Child’s letters by mail?
Absolutely. If this is your preference, let us know and we will ensure you receive letters the traditional way.

4. Can I write to my Sponsor Child electronically?
Not yet. In mid-2018 we plan to implement a Sponsor Portal which will allow Sponsors to manage their Sponsorship information as well as write letters electronically to their Sponsor Child.

5. How do I write to my Sponsor Child under the new Letter Writing Process?
After you have received your Child’s letter via email, simply print off the Letter Writing Template and write to your Child. Then, send it back to us either via post OR scan/take a photo and email it to

6. How often can I expect to receive a letter from my Sponsor Child?
You can expect to receive a letter from your Sponsor Child three times per year – each Centre has a roster for writing.

7. What if I need further assistance or want more information?
We are happy to help. Please contact our office on +61 (08) 9444 1135 or at

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 1083
West Perth WA 6872