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We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Kennedy Baptist College of Perth, Western Australia.

In October 2017, Transform opened the Kennedy Baptist College Centre, with seven staff members and 103 children. The children within this centre are being sponsored directly by staff, faculty members, students and parents of Kennedy Baptist College.

We were able to join the team at Kennedy over their annual Easter celebrations. We even brought a Transform graduate, Molinda, to Perth to share her story of transformation. She was joined by Centre 32’s Manager, Panha, who was able to update the community on the children within their centre.

Principal of Kennedy Baptist College, Mark Ashby, has opened the door for further partnership with Transform Cambodia; initiating a school trip to Phnom Penh later on in 2018. 

To the staff, students and families of Kennedy Baptist College – we thank you! Thank you for partnering with us and joining us on the Transform Cambodia journey. We know that the children you sponsor will be blessed, and your hearts will be blessed also.


– Transform Cambodia Team