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Dee Sutton is one of our awesome Transform Coordinators, coordinating all things Transform for Riviera Christian Centre.

After attending her first missions trip to Cambodia 10 years ago, Dee returned to study Intercultural Ministry several years later, whilst working for Scripture Union.

Her current passion is working with victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. Recently she has researched the effects of trauma on parents and children following the Pol Pot regime. She is hoping to continue this research in-country in the future. If this isn’t exciting enough, Dee is also passionate about street photography and photo-journalism, and capturing the hearts of Cambodians from behind a lens.

Recently Dee attained 100% sponsorship at Riviera, with no child left unsponsored! Dee’s favourite thing about being a Transform Coordinator is the relationships she has with those involved with the organisation.  She loves communicating to sponsors about their kids. ‘These are relationships that I may not have had with people without this role.’ She also loves the familial relationships she has fostered with the Transform staff at the Riviera Centre. We’re honoured to partner with Dee!