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In December of 2017 Karen Passamani walked through the doors of our West Perth office with a simple question – what was Transform Cambodia all about?

Prior to this Karen had visited Cambodia where God planted a deep love and desire to serve the people of this nation. Not knowing how or when this might happen, Karen went searching and started to serve in organisations with interests in Cambodia.

After learning Transform’s purpose (to transform the lives of children living in poverty and make them world changers) Karen quickly committed to volunteer at Transform on (almost) a full-time basis. Karen’s administration skills and attention to detail were a huge help in of the behind-the-scenes processes in our operations – including the processing of thousands of gifts ordered during our Christmas period. This is a huge undertaking which saw thousands of kids receive gifts and sponsors a photo of the special moment. We are so grateful to Karen for the past 18 months of faithful service.

This year Karen has pursued an opportunity to work in Laos, teaching english to the poorest of the poor. Fortunately for Karen, Laos is next door to Cambodia and very similar in culture and need. It’s been great to watch Karen pursue her desires, every step of the way taking opportunities to prepare for what lies ahead. Karen likes to believe that maybe one day God will lead her back to her Cambodia.

Karen is an amazing Transformer and part of our Transform family. Our doors will always be open to her. If you would like to connect with Karen and find out more about what she is doing, you can email her at