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Sarah Marquis is one of Transform Cambodia’s amazing and super generous partners, sponsoring 3 Centres in Phnom Penh. Since partnering with Transform in 2009, Sarah has visited Phnom Penh every year to spend time and have fun with the staff and kids of each Mollydooker Centre.

Sarah is also the co-founder and owner of the global award-winning Mollydooker Winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia. In addition to her passion for making quality wines, Sarah has a big heart to help those less fortunate and contributes annually towards the running costs of the Mollydooker Centres; 100% goes directly to the benefit of the 300 children enrolled in these Centres. Writing and replying to all 300 children throughout the year is next to impossible for one person – but not if you’re Susie Peter.

Susie is our longest serving and most treasured volunteer. At 92 years of age and following the loss of her husband a few years ago, Susie has discovered a renewed passion and purpose by becoming the chief letter writer to the 300 children of the Mollydooker Centres. To them she is “Grandma Susie” and she writes to each child personally, by hand, 4 times a year! The children adore Susie and eagerly await her thoughtful and interesting letters.

Living on either side of the country, Sarah in Adelaide and Susie in Perth, these 2 women both share a love and generosity for the 300 children in the Mollydooker Centres. Despite having corresponded a few times over mail, Sarah and Susie had the wonderful opportunity to meet each other in person this month and further solidify their mutual passion to love and help those less fortunate.

Sarah and Susie are truly Transformers and we are honoured to partner with both of them!