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What happens if my sponsor child leaves their Centre?

Transform children may leave their centre for a number of reasons. The main reasons for a child leaving is because their family has returned back to their province, for family reasons, health issues or work opportunities. As of our latest figures, we have maintained a 96% retention rate across our centres, with 10% of the children who leave returning to the centres!

Staff across all of our centres make every effort to keep children enrolled in our program. This includes visiting the children’s families and providing emergency assistance when necessary. Where the family has left without reason we will attempt to contact extended family, friends and neighbours.

After 4 months of a child being absent form their Centre, and it is considered unlikely that they will return, we will conclude the child has left the program. At this point we will call the sponsor to inform them and will proceed in reallocating them a new sponsor child from one of their church/school’s centres. In the event that there are no children waiting to be sponsored from their Centre(s), a sponsor will be placed on a waitlist, and will be contacted as soon as a child in need of sponsorship becomes available. In the meantime, their donation will continue to contribute to the overall running costs of their church/school’s Centre. This is because the cost of running a Centre remains the same regardless of one child leaving the program. This is due to set prices of rent, salaries, utilities, resources, etc.

Please update your contact details when they change, so that we can contact you asap in events such as this.