About Edge House Two

Partner: Edge Church

Welcome to Edge House Two — opened to 100 former street kids in 2009, who today are almost adults! Our kids are growing into amazing young people of strong character, whose transformed lives are evident in their testimonies:

“When I was young my family was so poor we had no place to live, and my parents had no ability to bring me to school. I was only 5 years old but I really wanted to study, and I would feel sad when I saw other kids going to school. One day, I saw a teacher in a blue shirt walking around Phum Chomrourenphal village where my family was living. My Dad asked the teacher what they were doing, and the teacher said that they were scooping for kids to join their new Transform Cambodia Centre and also go to school. I was so excited when my parents decided to allow me to go study there, but I was also afraid because I didn’t know anything yet. But from day one, the teachers always showed love and care to me, and I didn’t feel afraid anymore. I was so happy to learn with them. Transform teachers gave me education but also taught me about behaviour and about God’s love for me. Before, I had no plan for my life, just to follow my parents job as a street seller. But now I accept God’s plan for my life and my family, and I say thank you to our Transform leaders and sponsors for their heart to save kid’s lives in Cambodia”.

— Chan Samnang 

We are so proud of Samnang and all our kids, and we love the opportunity that we have had over many years to build good relationships with our kids’ families too. This is how we Transform a Nation.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Edge House Two