About Mollydooker One

Partner: Mollydooker Wines

Centre 6 is one of three Transform Centres with this funny sounding name – Mollydooker! That’s because we are partnered by Sarah and her family at Mollydooker Wines in South Australia (along with Centres 9 and 14). Sarah first met us when our Centre launched in 2009, and we’ve grown a lot since then! Our little kids are now young adults with so many great talents and big dreams. One of our kids has a beautiful singing voice and is now a worship singer at church. Some kids love science and helping people so they want to become doctors; some are great leaders and want to study management; and others are really passionate about teaching because they want to raise up other kids and pay forward the blessings they have received from Transform. Sometimes we feel sad to see our little kids growing up so quickly, but we are so proud of their strong faith and good character, and we know they will bless the people of Cambodia.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Mollydooker One