About Canaan House

Partner: Rise Church

Welcome to Centre 7, launched in 2010 and sponsored by Rise Church in South Australia. Our Centre is located in the north of Phnom Penh in Tuol Sangkae, right near Centres 8, 9, 12 and 22. The kids of Canaan House are growing into awesome young adults with a heart for their community – every Friday they visit the younger kids at Centre 22 to practice English with them, play games, and mentor them. They also host Kids Club – bringing the Good News to the local kids with games, fellowship, and prayer.

This community spirit also extends to our kids’ parents, who have taken on a great spirit of hospitality and love over the past decade with us. Many of the parents join our Women’s/Men’s Potential meetings, which empower them to seek their own God-given potential and step into their greater purpose – something which many of them had never dreamed of having. And we are already seeing the fruit of this: A group of parents chose to use their combined offerings to fund outreach into a neighbouring province. They are taking seeds God planted in Canaan House and spreading them further than we ever planned – how awesome!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Canaan House