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Partner: Kingdomcity Church

Centre 8 is one of five Centres sponsored by Kingdomcity Church – so we have a big extended family! Kingdomcity One launched in 2010 with 100 little kids who are not so little anymore – in fact they’re growing into incredible young adults. Our Centre is very close to Centres 7 and 9, which is great because all our kids are a similar age. All three Centres come together for youth group once a month – an awesome opportunity for the kids to fellowship with each other, encourage, and pray for one another. We usually gather for youth group at a local soccer field, so there’s plenty of space for games and a bit of friendly competition!  In Transform, one of our curriculum areas is about leadership. We’re really encouraged to see our kids take these lessons to heart – many of our kids serve at church, including several who are part of the worship team.

It’s amazing to see the different talents of our kids – from those who play in our own C8 worship band, to those who have incredible creative and artistic skills, and others who have a gift to speak the word of God to their friends and family. Just ten years ago, these kids didn’t have hope for a future that could be different from their parents, and now their lives are transformed.


Kingdomcity One staff team

Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Kingdomcity One