About Metro Life Centre

Partner: Metro Church

Launched in 2010, Centre 10 is the second Centre sponsored by Metro Church in Perth, Australia. We love being part of the Metro Church family, and we feel especially lucky because Pastors Geoff and Rhonda visit Cambodia often! Some of our Centre staff have been with Transform for many years, and they have observed how the kids seem to learn things so quickly – like speaking new languages and playing musical instruments. Many of our staff learned English as adults without support, so it amazes us to see how well our kids learn when they are taught from a young age and allowed to thrive in an encouraging environment. We’re so blessed to have this opportunity to build these young lives and allow them to reach their God-given potential.

Our Centre is also part of a great local community. We’re located in Sangkat Boeng Tumpun, which is near lots of other Transform Centres as well as our Head Office. Our kids have many friends and siblings in other Centres, and they often travel to their Centre or school together. All of our staff teams support each other too – we meet to lesson plan together and share advice, and we always help each other out by borrowing materials and working together. We love to show each other hospitality by serving lunch for other staff teams and praying for each other.

We also feel connected to our wider community – the local people recognise our servant hearts, and our blue shirts! We have so many opportunities to speak with our neighbours and other members of the community, and to share God’s love with them. And it’s more than just Transform staff and kids – many of our parents are believers now, and they are great disciples with generous hearts. We are so privileged to bring both new and old generations to Christ and transform our Nation.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

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