About Nations Two

Partner: Nations Church

Welcome to Centre 11, the second Centre partnered with Nations Church. Our Centre launched in 2010 with 100 beautiful, joyful kids. One of our Centre’s philosophies is to show our Christian life from the inside out – this means that we show the love of Jesus through our actions and words. Our Centre staff demonstrate an outward-looking life to our kids, and we notice how they follow us in this. We’re so proud to see our kids showing care and love for each other and outreaching to the community – the local people recognise our kids, and always comment that they are kind and joyful.

We live in a great neighbourhood because we’re nearby lots of Transform Centres, as well as Nations Church Phnom Penh – of which most of our staff, kids, and kids’ families are members. Our Centre is located near several other Transform Centres – some, such as Centre 10, have kids of similar age to ours, so our staff teams often meet together to lesson plan and exchange ideas. Centre 36 is also nearby, with kids around seven years old. Our kids, who are teenagers now, outreach to these little ones – they visit C36 and lead the kids in discipleship and fun activities like singing, dancing, and playing games. Even though our kids are not yet grown into adults, we are so proud to see them step into these leadership roles and take care of the younger generation. We believe that God has a plan for every one of our kids and their families, and we are so blessed to serve them.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Nations Two