About Kingdomcity Two

Partner: Kingdomcity Church

Centre 12, the second Kingdomcity Centre, launched in 2012 – but our kids seem to have grown into teenagers overnight! Our kids have not only gotten bigger though – they’ve also grown in character and faithfulness, and are hard-working and clever students. Through our Creative Genius program we identify the unique talents that God has given every one of our kids. We love to see their diverse gifts, including great IT skills, maths ability, creative talents like drawing, as well as singing and playing musical instruments. Most of all, our kids are generous and kind, and show God’s love to each other and the wider community.

During Covid-19 lockdown, we launched Operation Lighthouse in all Transform Centres; a way to outreach to the most vulnerable people in our community. All our staff and many of the kids’ parents have loved being part of Operation Lighthouse because, along with bringing hot meals, we have the opportunity to connect with people and bring them comfort and kindness. When we deliver these meals many people are surprised and ask us “why?”. We explain that God loves us and wants us to show his love to them too, and we often have the opportunity to pray for them. This is another example of how God can use us in ways that we did not plan, to be a blessing to the Cambodian people and to bring transformation to this Nation.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Kingdomcity Two