About Eastlake Centre One

Partner: Eastlake Church

Welcome to Centre 13, the first Centre sponsored by Eastlake Church in Western Australia. We’re so blessed to serve our kids and our community through Transform. Since our Centre opened in 2010 we have watched our kids grow and thrive – they are now bright, confident teenagers of awesome faith. We always focus on encouraging and supporting our kids to develop their unique gifts and achieve their God-given potential. Before joining Transform, our kids didn’t have hope for a bright future, only hope for survival. Sometimes we would ask them, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” and they had no answer because they hadn’t yet learned to hope for a better future. Now, our kids dream big dreams and know their potential as children of God. Many of our kids want to be teachers because they’ve learned the power of education, and want to give this gift to the next generation. At Eastlake Centre One, we are raising world-changing kids.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Eastlake Centre One