About Mollydooker Three

Partner: Mollydooker Wines

Centre 14 is the third Centre sponsored by the generous family from Mollydooker Wines in South Australia. Launched in 2011, our Centre was the first to open in the Chbar Ampov district south of Phnom Penh, but now several other Centres are nearby, and we form our own little community within Transform! Our staff teams often work together and help each other, and our kids have many friends in other Centres. On the weekends we often play soccer at a local field, and we also come together to worship God. This helps us to outreach into our community, and our neighbours know us and recognise the Christian life.

Our kids’ families have lived in great poverty for many years, often with no food to eat and no shelter. In these desperate circumstances they felt incapable of hope or of generosity to others, because they thought they had nothing to give. But when their children were brought into Transform these families were shown God’s love and kindness. They witnessed the generosity of Transform staff, and soon realized the blessing that comes from blessing others. While their poverty remained, their spirits were changed, and most of them became believers. Their lives have been changed, and they share their testimony of hope, healing, and God’s love to their neighbours.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Mollydooker Three