About Freedom Centre One

Partner: Not yet sponsored.

Centre 15 launched in 2012 and is sponsored by Freedom Revolution Ministries in Victoria, Australia. Located in the northern outskirts of Phnom Penh, C15 is located near some big factories where many of our kids’ parents work for very low wages, so they were so grateful when Freedom Centre One opened. Our Centre was unique as it was the first time a new Transform Centre operated with English immersion from day one (as opposed to translation) – that meant that all of the staff spoke only English with the kids all of the time. As one might imagine, this was a little bit confusing for the kids at first, and quite a big challenge for the staff! But everyone got very good at finding creative ways to communicate, and no words were needed to communicate love, care, and safety. The staff were amazed to see how quickly the kids picked up the new language, and within weeks they were communicating in English as though they had been learning for years.

Today, those little 5-6-year-olds are growing into teenagers. They love to be a blessing to other kids by running Kids Club in the local community, where they put on fun activities and pray for little ones who so much resemble the kids they were back in 2012. We love to see how much our kids have grown not only in their English ability, but in their confidence, character, and faith in God.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Freedom Centre One