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Partner: Kingdomcity Church

Centre 17 launched in 2012 in the poverty-stricken Chbar Ampov district, south of Phnom Penh. When we open new Transform Centres we usually find kids by scooping – going into the community to find kids of 5-6 years old, meeting with their parents to explain who we are and what we do, and convincing them that yes, it’s really free! But one year prior, Centre 14 had opened in this community and already had a profound impact in the lives of their kids and families. On our first day, more than 300 families came to register their kids to join Centre 17. While we could only enroll 110 children, we have extended our outreach into the whole community since then. Twice a month we go out to fellowship with our neighbours, encourage them, and pray with them. Soon, Centre 21 also launched in our area, and our partner church – Kingdomcity – runs church services from our Centre every week. We have seen an amazing transformation as hope has been restored to this community. Here is just one story of how God is working through Kingdomcity Four:

“Before my daughter, Sean Thyda, started to study in Transform Cambodia my family faced many problems, especially with finance. Even though my husband and I worked so hard, nothing ever changed and we remained very poor. We had no money to send our children to school, and we lived in my brother’s house because we couldn’t even afford to rent a room by ourselves. Then one day I heard that Transform Cambodia was launching a new Centre in Chbar Ampov village, so I took my daughter to enroll there. I really appreciate Transform because once my daughter began studying there she became confident, she can speak English well, studies hard, and is a good and helpful daughter at home. Everyday when she came back from school Thyda told me about God and taught me how to pray. I felt so strange because I never prayed and worshipped like this, but I tried for my daughter. Soon I was praying by myself, and soon God answered my prayers. For me, it almost felt like a dream – my family’s life got better and better. My husband got a permanent job with a company and now I can stay at home and look after our children. And you know what? Now we don’t have to stay at my brother’s house anymore – we live in our own home. I’m so thankful to God for restoring our family – now we have joy and hope, and we can tell others of our Lord and Saviour.”

— Sreymao


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

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