About Kingdomcity Three

Partner: Kingdomcity Church

Welcome to Centre 18! Our Centre, launched in 2013, is one of five Centres in the Kingdomcity Church family. Kingdomcity Three is located in Russey Keo near very poor neighbourhoods where many people live in small huts along the railway tracks. Despite living in poor and disenfranchised families, we believe that God has called our kids to be the seeds of change for this Nation, so we focus on many character-building skills such as leadership. We have so much hope for the future when we see our kids serving people in the community – they are confident to talk with others and share the Good News, and they always look for ways to help, even in simple things like collecting rubbish from the street.

One of the awesome things that we have seen all across our Centres is how the lives of our kids’ whole families have been transformed – not only the kids themselves. So many parents have found new hope and purpose, and it’s such a privilege to minister to them through our small groups, Family Days, and one-on-one home visits. We see hope and joy restored to these lives, and ripple across the community. We can truly Transform this whole Nation.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Kingdomcity Three