About Southern Cross Centre

Partner: Not yet sponsored.

Welcome to Southern Cross Centre, launched in 2013 and was sponsored by the Court and Dullard families from Western Australia for nearly 10 years and we are actively looking for a new partner for this Centre. In Transform, we are privileged to witness many awesome works – but sometimes the simplest things make the greatest impression. Chansim, our C19 manager who has been with Transform for nearly ten years, shared one of the things that inspires him every day:

“When we first meet our kids, they have little joy and too much worry – sometimes I feel that they are so young, but their faces have the feeling of a whole lifetime. Many times they have seen terrible things, and they know the feeling of hunger and hopelessness. Now, my wife and I have children, and we want to protect them from the dark things, and let their childhood years be free. But for many of these families, the parents had no hope for themselves, and no hope to give to their kids. Soon after the kids join Transform, they learn that they are safe with us and that they don’t have to worry – we will educate their minds, take care of their hearts, and put food in their tummies! As a parent myself, I think this is the greatest reward. We are raising these young people to be great leaders in their Nation – but also, we get to restore their childhoods. Praise God!”

— Chansim, Southern Cross Centre Manager


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Southern Cross Centre