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Southern Cross Centre is sponsored by the Court and Dullard families from Perth, Western Australia. Our Centre launched in 2013. Since then the lives of the children and their families have been transformed. We started with a hundred poor children who had zero hope for their future, couldn’t afford education, and were neglected by other people. By the grace of the Lord they were selected to join our program, which is leading them to have a wonderful future in Christ. Nowadays the children can speak English well and they especially love to read story books. They can play musical instruments such as drums, guitar and keyboard. They really love God and have grown a lot in character. Not only have the kid’s lives changed but also the lives of their families. The families always give high respect and honour to the staff because the staff have set such a great example for their kids. Now many families accept God and ask him to lead their lives and their family. Some of the parents have become small group leaders and some of them support and help the staff create events. We have a lot of fun with all of them and have built up many great memories together between kids, staff and students.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Southern Cross Centre