About King's Friendship Centre

Partner: Kings Baptist Grammar School

Welcome to Centre 21, launched in 2016 and sponsored by King’s Baptist Grammar School in South Australia. On the day our Centre opened, hundreds of families came to register their children as they knew of Transform’s great work through nearby Centres 14 and 17. Even though it’s difficult that we cannot enroll every child, we love to find many ways to serve our whole community and show God’s love to them. In the four years since our Centre opened, we have already seen our kids grow so much. Their English ability and confidence improves daily, and we love to help them discover their unique gifts – such as music, dance, and painting. The kids bring us so much joy with their happiness, and cheekiness!

We also feel really blessed to have a great relationship with our sponsors – students and families from King’s Baptist Grammar School have visited us in Cambodia several times. We have many fond memories with them – both for our kids and for our staff team – and we always appreciate their support and encouragement. We are working as a team and a family to Transform our kids’ lives!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

King's Friendship Centre