About Riviera Centre

Partner: Riviera Christian Centre

Welcome to Centre 22! Riviera Christian Centre launched in 2014 with 103 awesome kids, who have already grown so much. Our Centre is located in Toul Sangkae in Phnom Penh’s north, nearby Centres 7. One of our favourite days is Friday, when the big kids from C7 come to visit and practice English with us with lots of games, song, and dance. The C22 staff team also love having other Centres nearby – we are all really great friends, and always find ways to help each other out. Our whole neighbourhood loves Transform’s spirit of hospitality, and we love to be a great example of Jesus to them.

Our kids are still little, but they’ve already grown so much – we love to see their confidence grow and their learning skills flourish. Our Creative Genius program helps us to identify the unique talent that every child has, and it has been amazing to nurture these skills in our kids: we have musicians, dancers, maths stars, and artists. Our kids are kind to each other and helpful to their parents – so their parents love Transform, too! Every month we host all of the kids’ parents for Family Day – we come together in fellowship to encourage one-another, build relationships, and of course – to eat! We love that our Centre has become a community hub where people can be loved and welcomed. But our community stretches further than that, all the way to our sponsors in Victoria, Australia. We love writing letters to them, and we especially love when they visit us in Phnom Penh.

We are so excited by what our future holds. Our kids have hopes and dreams that we can help them to fulfill, as we raise up the next generation of Cambodian leaders. We are so proud of them!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Riviera Centre