About Nations Three

Partner: Nations Church

Our Centre launched in 2014, and we have been amazed to watch our kids grow since then! When our kids joined Transform five years ago, they were so small, a bit shy, and they couldn’t speak any English. Today, our kids are progressing from primary to high school, and we are so proud of how much they have grown. Our kids study hard and love to learn. We love to see their creative work, and think they are very talented. One of our kids, Virak, is a great musician who learns new music quickly – he’s a great blessing to our Centre, and loves to play the guitar during praise and worship.

Our Centre is in a great neighbourhood – nearby are Centres 11 and 36, Transform Head Office, and Steung Meanchey Primary School which our kids attend for their Khmer lessons. We love being close by to other Transform Centres – we fellowship with the other staff teams, always help each other out, and many of our kids play together as well. The people in our neighbourhood know Transform Cambodia and always thank us for what we do for their community. We have especially loved the opportunity to outreach to our community during Covid-19 through Operation Lighthouse. We have made really special connections with our neighbours, and had the opportunity to pray with people and demonstrate the love of Jesus as we bring them both food and friendship.

Our community extends further than just our neighbourhood – we are also connected to our Partner, Nations Church, along with Centres 2 and 11. We love to exchange letters and messages with our sponsors, and have met many of them when they’ve come to visit us in Cambodia. We always pray for our sponsors and thank them for their support – together, we are building great lives in Nations Three.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Nations Three