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Welcome to Centre 24, launched in 2015 in Tuol Sangkae – an area in Phnom Penh’s north that has several Transform Centres and a lot of need. Over the past five years our kids have grown so much – sometimes it still surprises some of our staff, how quickly kids grow and learn! It feels like just a few short years ago we were teaching our tiny kids their first words of English and praying for them for the first time. Now, our kids lead the whole Centre in praise and worship. How awesome!

We have also been blessed to minister to this community through our kids and their families. It’s so awesome to see how the families’ lives, not only the kids, are transformed when they learn of God’s love for them – they have renewed hope and purpose come into their lives. Operation Lighthouse has been another great opportunity for us to outreach into this community. We cook hot meals every day and take them to our neighbours who are most in need – not only in need of food but also comfort and friendship. Many people have been surprised that we would do this, but day-by-day, week-by-week, they began to understand more about not only our Centre but our mission in Transform. Now we have so many openings to pray for them and tell them about God and how he loves them – so we love them!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

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