About Edge House Three

Partner: Edge Church

Welcome to Centre 26, one of three Centres sponsored by Edge Church. Since our Centre launched in 2016 we have helped our kids grow in confidence, knowledge, and faith. We even have leadership teams among our kids who lead praise and worship for their friends. Sometimes it feels like our kids are growing so quickly, but then on Fun Fridays the big kids from Centre 2 come to visit and lead lessons and activities – so our kids look small again! It’s awesome to see the connection between all the Transform Centres, and for our kids to have role models in other Centres. Our staff teams also support each other in this way, helping out where we can, sharing ideas, and meeting to lesson plan together. Our mission is big, but we work as a family in Christ – we know we can transform our Nation!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Edge House Three