About Edge House Four

Partner: Edge Church

Centre 27 launched in 2016, and in four short years we are already seeing transformation! Soon after our Centre launched, the people in our neighbourhood began to notice our work and comment on the good behaviour of our kids – they said that they loved to see the Christian life. It’s been such a privilege for us to share the Gospel with these people, especially with our kids’ parents. Every month we have Family Day, and we also have small groups for parents. So many of them have become believers and, along with their kids, they are amazing disciples for God in this community.

Every day the kids in Edge House Four inspire us with their positivity, enthusiasm, and faith. We love to see how their lives change when they are able to build their knowledge and discover their unique gifts. We feel really blessed to input into these kids and this community, as we transform lives for Jesus!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Edge House Four