About Riverview Centre One

Partner: Riverview Church

Centre 28 launched in October 2016. The parents were really excited at the opportunity to enrol their children. They are all from poor families. Since then some parents have become leaders of small groups, where they lead other parents. Some unbelieving parents have started to realise that Jesus is really alive and that he loves them.

God has done many great things in just the past year. Our kids have grown in their love for hygiene and the environment.  They understand English and can speak it well with the teachers. Some kids can also teach and lead their friends. They love God and are always eager to worship and pray to Him. Many times they experience God healing their sickness and bringing them joy.

We are looking forward to seeing our kids and their parents grow in God’s love, even more so than last year. We feel proud to be part of transforming this nation for Christ.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Riverview Centre One