About Riverview Centre One

Partner: Riverview Church

Welcome to Centre 28 – the first Centre sponsored by Riverview Church in Western Australia. Our Centre is located in Boeng Tumpun village near Centres 13 and 19, so when we launched the parents in our neighbourhood were so excited and thankful to enrol their children. In fact, many of those parents are now leaders of small groups in the community after hearing the Word of God from us – they love to share the Good News with others. During Operation Lighthouse our parents have been so enthusiastic to help us to serve meals to our neighbours and to pray for them. Many of these parents lived lives without hope before, but now they have joy and purpose in Christ and they have become leaders in their community – how awesome!

Of course, we also see this transformation in our kids. It’s always amazing to us how quickly the kids can learn, and how they have seemingly endless energy! In our Centre, we have many kids with special talents – like great maths skills, and beautiful artistic gifts. Most of all, we are proud to see them grow in character – they treat each other with kindness and consideration. We feel proud to be part of transforming this nation for Christ.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Riverview Centre One