About Eastlake Centre Two

Partner: Eastlake Church

Eastlake Centre Two launched in 2017 with 110 beautiful kids. Located near Centres 14, 17 and 21, our Centre is part of a community that is truly being transformed for Christ. Our kids’ parents are very poor, most of them working selling vegetables on the street. This is a very hard life, and it’s easy to lose hope. But these families have found community with us – their brothers and sisters in Christ – and we are inspired to see the change in their lives. Parents are always excited to help us, and often find ways to serve others. When they discover that they can bless others, despite having so little, it is a life-changing moment for them. We also see this transformation in our kids, whose confidence blooms as they grow in knowledge and skill. Most of all, we love to see the way our kids worship God, serve their friends, and care for one-another. We are raising world-changing kids!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Eastlake Centre Two