About Lifegate Centre

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Welcome to Centre 33, the first Centre sponsored by Lifegate Church in New South Wales, Australia. Our Centre opened in 2017 in a new area for Transform in Phnom Penh’s western outskirts. Since we were new to this area, our kids’ parents didn’t know about Transform Cambodia when we first met them. We think that it was hard for them to believe that we would truly educate, feed, and care for their children for free! Most of our kids’ parents work at factories for very low wages, and had little hope for their kids to live different lives – but now they understand our mission and have renewed hope for their children.

In the few years since our Centre launched, we have seen our kids grow immensely. Before they joined us our kids had no education, but today they can speak English, learn about the world, and develop new skills every day. In our Centre, one of our favourite activities is dancing – we love to dance together every day. It’s one of the ways that our Centre joyfully transforms these lives!


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

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