About C3 O'Halloran Hill Centre

Partner: C3 Ohalloran Hill

Centre 34, sponsored by C3 O’Halloran Hill Church in South Australia, launched in 2019. Even though our Centre has been open for such a short time, we have already seen amazing growth in our kids. They learn incredibly quickly and can now speak English – they can even do maths in English, too! And while English is our core subject, our kids have the opportunity to learn about so many other things like World View and Creative Arts. Through our Creative Genius program we are working to identify the unique talents that each child has, so we can help them to nurture these special gifts.

One of the biggest transformations that we have seen is in our kids’ character, as they are kind, thoughtful, and joyful. At Christmas time, many of our kids brought gifts to the Centre staff – we were so touched by their generosity. Even though they are very young, they understand the gift of education and can see how Transform has changed their lives and their families’ lives too through our Family Days and small groups. We’re so blessed to show the love of Christ to this community, and raise up the future leaders of Cambodia.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

C3 O'Halloran Hill Centre