About Global Family Centre

Partner: Global Family Church

Welcome to Centre 35, launched in 2019 with 100 amazing kids! Ours is the first Centre sponsored by Global Family Church in New South Wales, Australia. Some of our sponsors came to visit us soon after our Centre opened – our staff and kids alike were so excited to meet them!

In the short time since Centre 35 opened we have already seen amazing transformations in these young lives – from shy and nervous kids to the joyful, confident kids we know today. It’s such a great privilege to teach our kids about God’s love for them, and to see him begin to work in their lives. We also have the privilege of ministering to their parents – who often live in desperate circumstances with little support – and seeing a new realization of hope and purpose come into their lives. In this way we bring the restorative Word of God to this community, and transformation to this Nation.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Global Family Centre