About Centre 36

Partner: Not yet sponsored.

Launched in 2019, Centre 36 is the newest Transform Centre. Although our Centre is not yet sponsored, our mission is strong – we are already transforming the lives of these beautiful kids! Our Centre staff feel really privileged to input into the lives of our kids and their families. Many of them live very hard lives within communities where it is difficult to find hope for a better future. When we bring these kids into Transform they are set on the path for a brighter future as they step into God’s plan for their life. But this transformation is not only limited to the kids – through fellowship with our parents they can receive God’s grace for their own lives, too. This is how we break cycles of generational poverty and trauma, by bringing healing through God’s unconditional love. Our kids receive a vital education that is grounded in principles of character and integrity – exactly what we need in the future leaders of this Nation!

We are actively seeking a partner for this awesome Centre, as we build great lives.


Note: Not all enrolled students are pictured above.

Centre 36