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How churches engage Transform


We encourage churches to start by sponsoring one Centre. It is usually such a blessing to the church that they often ask to sponsor more. It’s an unusual partnership. In essence your church (more particularly members of your church) sponsor your centre (your support will cover about 50% of the real costs), you’ll pray for the kids and staff, and we facilitate communication and visits.

It’s a very special relationship. Just get in touch with us and we’d be happy to explain how it all works.

Here’s what happens:


  • once we agree on our partnership, we allocate one of our new Centres to your church to adopt. We name the Centre after you, and introduce the staff and children of the Centre to their life partners.
  • people from within your church will individually sponsor each child, and the church itself will provide a level of monthly funding.
  • your children will correspond with their sponsors three times a year.
  • people often ask how long we keep the children in our program. The answer is that we support them right through their schooling and then usually through university.

“What a privilege it’s been for us at Metro Church to partner with Transform Cambodia in three centres (so far) in Phnom Penh! It’s definitely one of the best things we’ve done as a church and the most effective program of its kind I’ve seen in over thirty years of leadership.”

Geoff Woodward, Metro Church

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